Real Estate Appraiser

Getting an Education Get approximately 75 hours of basic appraisal education. Before completing your real estate appraiser apprenticeship, you’ll typically need to complete around 75 hours of basic appraisal education. This coursework will focus on appraisal principles and procedures, and offer you an introduction to universal standards of professional appraisal practice.[1] Contact the licensing department in your state or jurisdiction that issues professional appraisal licenses to find out about educational.. Read More

Calculate Real Estate Commissions

Calculating Common Real Estate Commissions Step 1 Multiply the commission percentage by the purchase price to find out your total commission. To estimate commission, simply multiply the percentage by the purchase price of the property. Remember, to convert percentage to decimal first by dividing it by 100. Rate: 5.5%; Purchase Price: $200,000 → .055 x 200,000 = $11,000 Rate: 4.75%; Purchase Price: $325,000 → .0475 x 325,000 = $15,437.50 Rate:.. Read More

Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Getting Licensed Research the licensing standards in your state. Each state has different requirements to become a licensed realtor. Search online or contact a brokerage in your area to determine the education and licensing requirements in your state. Prepare for the real estate exam. Study the topics covered on the real estate exam as you prepare for the test. Many companies offer test preparation services, but it is entirely possible.. Read More